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Aligning IT with business goals

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM)

1. designing an ICT essential training for the KAM staff 2. delivering ICT training that includes installation and use of google apps, using microsoft tools to achieve efficiency and KAM…...

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National Microfinance Bank (NMB)

National Microfinance Bank (NMB) Services offered: Network Project Management done in conjunction with Oaknet Business Ltd. Requirement: The bank was building a new HQ office block which was to house…...

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Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD)

Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) Services Offered: Multi-building network redesign, implementation and Wi-Fi deployment. Requirements: The network redesign was done to improve link speeds from 100mbps to 1000mbps and…...

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Louis Dreyfus commodities

Customer: Louis Dreyfus commodities: Services Offered: Design and Deployment of IP Telephony system for 100 users using Cisco Business Edition range of products Requirements: Reduce calling cost within the Nairobi…...

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Department of Refugees Affairs (DRA)

Department of Refugees Affairs (DRA) in the Ministry of Immigration Services offered: Design and implementation of IP Telephony service for 150 users. Requirements: This was in order to reduce the…...

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