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Aligning IT with business goals

Business Centric Engineering (BCE) Approach

goalIT was founded in June 2013 with an emphasis on identifying existing and new technologies that help our clients achieve their business goals. We believe IT infrastructure is the foundation upon which successful implementation of business solutions is built. Unfortunately, most IT infrastructure is built with little focus on the business needs. Habitually, IT infrastructure builders concentrate on the technology rather than the business. Because of this, enterprises are constantly facing the following challenges:-

  • Lack of enough bandwidth to support business applications
  • Frequent changes on the infrastructure to accommodate new applications and users
  • Constant network outages
  • Investing in technology that does not serve any business need.

goalIT was founded to reverse this trend and focus on business rather than the technology. Inspired by our strong believe in IT as a business enabler, we came up with a Business Centric Engineering (BCE) approach that we deploy in all our engagements. The BCE approach dictates that we first understand the organisations goals before prescribing any technological solution. We seek to find out the challenges and opportunities a business would like to leverage and then lead you to the appropriate technology. The appropriate technology might be a new infrastructure or inherent in the existing infrastructure. We help organisations realize more business benefits with available technology.

Our primary focus is IT infrastructure that includes building Data Networks, Data Centre Consultancy, and IT Project Management. The company was started and managed by well trained, certified and experienced engineers in each of these fields.

We are incorporated in Kenya under the Company’s Registration Act as well as registered as a Youth Enterprise in Ministry of Planning and Devolution. We serve businesses within the East Africa Region.

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